Editorial Services

By engaging Second Chair Media, busy lawyers leverage decades of professional publishing experience to obtain high-quality editorial services at a fraction of the cost of producing the same materials inhouse. We provide editorial support services for all phases of the editorial process.

Whether you require assistance developing an editorial strategy, creating written materials, or promoting your firm’s expertise to maximum effect, Second Chair Media can help.

Planning for Content Marketing Success

Every organization has a different capacity to engage in content marketing. Larger organizations frequently delegate writing chores to associates or dedicated marketing staff. With smaller firms, the task of keeping fresh content on public view might fall to a single paralegal or to a partner working after-hours.
Regardless, a sound content marketing plan is critical to success because it efficiently allocates whatever resources can be brought to bear on content marketing activities.
Organizations starting out in content marketing should first identify and describe in detail the client prospects for each major practice area. What are the salient demographic characteristics of these potential clients? Where do they live? What is their income? What is their education level? What values drive their behavior? What major challenges do they face in life? What kinds of information could the organization provide that these prospects would find helpful? Is the organization uniquely qualified to provide any of this information?
Finally, where can these client prospects be found? Are they on Facebook, or reading blogs? Are they professionals and thus more likely to be found on LinkedIn? Is email the best way to reach these prospects? Perhaps the firm’s only opportunity to encounter client prospects is via Google search.
Second Chair Media helps law firms work through these foundational marketing issues and create productive content marketing plans.
Defining the scope of work is the first step. The second step is to decide who will produce the work and when. Here again, Second Chair Media can help. We can train law firm personnel to efficiently produce high-quality editorial content on a consistent basis — without disrupting client service or other office priorities.
We teach attorneys how to:

  • spot opportunities to turn current events into fresh, timely content;
  • produce written materials that will be noticed by search engines and appreciated by prospective clients; and
  • apply professional editing and quality control techniques to get content out the door looking polished and professional.

Writing for and About the Legal Profession

For law firms that prefer to outsource content creation chores, Second Chair Media is ready to help. We can:

  • Write blog posts or a series of posts
  • Write analysis and thought leadership articles
  • Produce and polish client alerts
  • Edit attorney-authored work and provide quality control
  • Write practice area descriptions
  • Freshen attorney profile pages
  • Edit Wikipedia entries
  • Establish local citations for search engines and directories

Promoting the Firm’s Expertise Widely

Law firms that need assistance with public relations can draw on our established network of news media outlets. We find guest blogging opportunities. We write news media releases that get results. We find podcasters who want to bring your expertise to their listeners. We execute link-building campaigns to grow the audience for existing content. And we develop and place written analysis with leading commercial publishers and popular industry websites.