The 10 Law Blog Post Formats You’ll Meet on the Internet

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This post begins a series of posts about law blog content formats. By “format,” I mean the organizational frame or shape of the rhetorical vessel into which bloggers pour their prose for later consumption by readers.

Writing to a pre-determined format greatly speeds the post generation process. Consider the listicle, a familiar blogging pattern. Bloggers who adopt this format can get right to the substance of the post. They need not worry about organizing their material because the organizational framework is built-in.

Similarly, the “question and answer” format comes with its own spine: set-up intro, question, answer, question etc etc.

And course there is the inverted pyramid writing format, the default presentation for news articles. Journalists who operate with the restrictions of the inverted pyramid are free to concentrate their efforts on research and analysis.

As author Stephen Covey observed in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the fast lane to productivity is to “begin with the end in mind.”

Bonus: Smart selection of a blogging format is a great way to conquer the blank screen.

Blog Post Formats

Low-Hanging Fruit (1-5)

1. Link Posts
2. Lawsticles, Lists About the Law
3. Annotated Source Material
4. Legal Checklists
5. Public Relations

Greater Degrees of Difficulty (6-10)

6. Case Analysis
7. Roundup Posts
8. Regular Features
9. Analysis and Trendspotting
10. The “How to” Article