Law Blog Post Formats: Regular Features

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The eighth in a series about useful law blog post formats.

The creation of a regular weekly feature article is a good way to boost productivity among the law firm’s blog-writing team — and stimulate reader interest as well.

Regular features promote editorial planning by giving everyone a clear target to shoot for each week and they calm the “What can we put on the blog today?” stress that often attends regular care and feeding the of law blog beast.

A law firm that runs a regular feature is not hostage to the day’s events or, worse, the day’s lack of bloggable events.

Finally, a regular feature article is a clearly defined bit of editorial content that can be delegated and managed by the firm’s marketing department.

For readers, regular features offer the prospect of valuable information outside the news of the day. Well-executed regular features promote interest in — and subscribers to — the firm’s blog by creating an expectation that similar feature articles will be published in the future.

Regular features can be:

  • a serialized focus on a high-profile compliance issue (e.g., a regular TCPA litigation roundup on an advertising law blog; or, on a privacy law blog, a weekly breakdown of some aspect of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation);
  • interviews with newsmakers;
  • an “Ask the Lawyer” feature;
  • book reviews, movie reviews;
  • a curated list of legal news reported elsewhere during the prior week;
  • a weekly summary of industry news of interest to the firm’s clients;
  • a week’s end “What’s Ahead” article;
  • anything that can be regularly produced by the firm.

Here, the Perkins Coie law firm runs a weekly roundup of legal developments, giving each a 3-4 sentence summary and a link.

Source: Fintech Week in Review – August 18, 2017 (The Fintech Report, Aug. 18, 2017)

The Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries office leavens its Massachusetts Law Updates blog with a “word of the month” feature that defines and discusses a different legal term each month.

Source: Word(s) of the Month – in pari delicto (Massachusetts Law Updates, 6/1/2017)

Blogger Beware: Regular blog features should be chosen with care as they can easily become an albatross around the blogger’s neck.

Assessing Regular Features

Pros: Regular features aid the law blog management process by promoting (1) editorial planning, (2) delegation of editorial tasks, and (3) blogger productivity. Readers and Google both appreciate a steady supply of strong content.

Cons: The expectation among readers that a certain type of content will be regularly published can be a burden.