Law Blog Post Formats: Public Relations

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The fifth in a series about useful law blog post formats.

A law blog can be a mighty public relations tool, amplifying content created elsewhere or highlighting awards and courtroom successes.

Any of the following can supply the basis of a respectable public relations-oriented law blog post:

  • courtroom successes
  • article and book publications
  • professional recognitions
  • new hires
  • speaking engagements
  • firm-sponsored events and webinars
  • charity events and fundraisers
  • high-profile engagements

If the blog is a niche law blog of the sort typically published by larger firms, the item should relate to the blog’s coverage areas and provide value to the reader. For small and mid-sized firms publishing on their own websites, anything promoting the firm is fair game.

Blog Posts as Public Relations

Courtroom Successes

Law blogs on personal injury firm websites can be dismal, SEO-driven affairs. Not so with this Michigan firm, which uses a storytelling approach in posts about jury verdicts and settlements. The client, not the lawyer, is always the star in well-told tales of loss, struggle and recovery.

Our client lost his right hand and suffered a traumatic brain injury, but despite these life-changing injuries, he is determined to move forward. His strength, will and determination are a true inspiration.

Source: $9.5 Million Settlement For Triathlete Injured In Bus Crash (The Mike Morse Law Firm, March 16, 2017)

It’s an effective technique that rolls copywriting, client testimonials, and law firm public relations into a single, compelling bit of content.

The firm’s deft use of storytelling is on display in these posts as well: Mike Morse Law Firm Lands Victory for Hardworking Dad Injured in Car Crash and Coming to the Rescue for a Local Hero.

Professional Publications

News media mentions and article publications are an easy source of blog posts. See e.g., Debra Katz & Hannah Alejandro Author New Law360 Article (Katz Marshall & Banks) (article publication) and Troutman Sanders Tobacco Team Quoted in Law 360 Article Regarding FDA Announcement (Tobacco Law Blog, Aug. 7, 2017) (media mention).

Firms can maximize the marketing value of professional publishing activities by (1) negotiating how the firm and its lawyers will be described in news articles and (2) retaining copyright in firm-authored works.


Morris, Manning & Martin’s John Yates shares a slide deck from presentations at a pair of technology law conferences.

Source: Presentation: Emerging, Disruptive and Sharing Technologies: What Is The Sharing Economy and Where Is It Going? (MMM Tech Law & Business Report, April 15, 2016)

Law Firm Events

Perkins Coie publishes a day-after account of a firm-sponsored event for tech entrepreneurs.

Source: Are You Serious (Copyright, Content, and Platforms, April 1, 2016)

Book Publications

The Hunton & Williams promotes the firm’s participation in a multi-author book publication.

Source: Hunton Privacy Team Publishes Several Chapters in “Getting the Deal Through” (Privacy and Information Security Law Blog, Dec. 15, 2016)

Examples Elsewhere

Here are a few additional examples of public relations activities supplying the basis of blog posts:

A well-documented marketing plan can ensure that opportunities to publish public relations posts don’t slip through the cracks.

Assessing the Public Relations Post

Pros: Public relations posts amplify the impact of marketing activities such as speaking engagements and professional publications. They also afford an opportunity to highlight third-party validation of the firm’s expertise.

Bonus benefit: Public relations posts can be drafted by marketing or editorial support personnel.

Cons: None.