Law Blog Post Formats: Link Posts

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The first in a series about useful law blog post formats.

Short on time? Just post a link and a snippet from somebody else’s work.

Tech Firms Ask Supreme Court to Require Warrants for Phone Searches, Gigalaw

If you have a moment, add a comment. That’s always appreciated.

Blasphemy laws worldwide: A report from the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, Volokh Conspiracy

Finally, consider embedding a legal document.

Text of Complaint in Rod Wheeler v Fox News re Seth Rich Murder, The Trademark Blog

Assessing the Link Post

Pros: Blog posts of this type require very little time or effort. They work best when the links are current and newsworthy.

To the extent that link posts are part of a steady stream of content from your website, they help with search engine ranking.

Cons: A blog post consisting of little more than a link elsewhere doesn’t demonstrate legal expertise or create much of a connection with prospective clients. However, they can demonstrate expertise or thought leadership when published in volume as part of a curated niche legal topic blog.