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Law Blogging for Readability on Mobile Devices

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Tight writing is always appreciated, today more so than ever as mobile devices become the dominant venue for online content consumption. Small screens held by distracted, mobile readers present law bloggers with a significant writing challenge that can’t be met with technology alone.

This post offers a dozen strategies to help law bloggers communicate more effectively on mobile devices.

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Who’s Reading State Bar Journals? Everybody.

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Most law firms with business practices are anxious to get their names in front of in-house counsel. If you’re in that boat, you should look hard at publishing with state bar journals. Here’s why: Every attorney reads these publications.

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Specialty legal publications such as those produced by American Lawyer Media, Law360, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg BNA, and others, do a good job reporting news for a niche readership in many subject areas. In theory, they should be attractive vehicles for reaching in-house counsel. In practice, however, they’re not. I’ve been told more than once that the steep prices charged for these services place them beyond the budget of most in-house counsel law libraries. (Mentions of publication in these services look good on the firm website, however.)

Law blogs? In theory, the audience for a blog post is vast. In practice, information overload and findability challenges limit the effective reach of blog posts. According to a 2015 Greentarget/Zeughauser Group survey, just 35 percent of in-house counsel respondents rated law blogs as the most valuable form of law firm content. They liked client alerts more. Not everyone agrees, however. Regardless of where you come down on this debate, clearly many in-house counsel regularly read law firm blogs. Still, there’s no guarantee that they are reading your blog. This is particularly true if your firm is not actively promoting its blog posts.

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How Law Firms Can SEO Enhance PDF Versions of Published Work

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So … you’ve just published a great article with a legal publisher or a niche news site. Naturally you want to publicize your newly validated expertise and upload a copy of the article to your website immediatamente.

Not so fast, amigo.

That beautifully formatted PDF file provided by the publisher looks great on the outside. But it’s got problems. In the first place, the document was created to promote the publisher not your law firm. Secondly, when you crack open the PDF file, you’ll see that none of the critical metadata mentions you or your firm. The PDF is also lacks metadata necessary to help search engines properly index the article and associate your law firm with its contents.

In this post I’ll show you how to fix these and other issues.

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How Lawyers Should Respond When a Reporter Calls

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Even in today’s age of legal blogs and social media, an old-fashioned telephone interview with a news reporter should not be underestimated as a good source of positive public notice for lawyers and their firms.

Law firm marketers and news reporters agree on one thing: lawyers aren’t very good at media relations. Many seem to think that a call from a reporter is ripe occasion to commit a public blunder, when in fact it is a near-zero-risk opportunity to position the lawyer as an expert, to publicize the lawyer’s firm, and possibly to advance a client’s interest.

Having been on the other end of the telephone line for a few decades, I believe I have some useful information to impart.

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How to Successfully Publish Legal Articles With Commercial Publishers

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There are several good reasons why a law firm might want to publish an article with a niche publisher before posting it to the law firm’s blog. This post gives a framework for looking at this issue along with negotiating tips to ensure the firm gets the most exposure possible for its work.

Publishing in professional journals, trade publications and even general news publications is a business development strategy for many law firms. Although mainly the province of large law firms, there’s no reason why smaller firms can’t appear in these publications as well. If the article is strong and timely, it will find a publisher.

This post is a quick run-through of the factors a law firm might consider when deciding whether, and where, to publish an article exploring a current legal issue. It’s based on the 20 years I spent soliciting and editing such pieces for a large legal publisher.

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