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Hi, I'm Tom. I do most of the work around here. My company Second Chair Media provides worry-free editorial services so you can spend more time practicing law or running your business. Or spend more time with your family.  I sincerely believe that, by partnering with Second Chair Media, you can elevate the quality of your editorial projects, lower costs, improve marketing outcomes, and ease the stress that inevitably comes from attempting to run a business full-time while nursing a publishing operation on the side.

Thomas O'Toole

I have nearly 30 years' experience producing legal content for a demanding readership of business executives, government officials, and the best attorneys in the world. During that time I've reported from courtrooms and Congress and agency offices; managed and edited reporters' work for both print and online legal news publications; and analyzed/digested/summarized thousands of court opinions and legislative proposals. Whatever your editorial needs might be, I'm pretty sure I've done that job before, usually on a daily deadline. 

We pride ourselves on producing good work on short  turnaround times. We get to the point quickly. And we apply online writing best practices to ensure that our work ranks well in search engines and looks sharp  on mobile devices.

Use this website to get to know us better. Browse the Law Writers blog and subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Review our work first-hand by requesting samples from earlier assignments. We also offer for sale on our homepage unsold spec work that hasn't yet found a home. That's another good way to get to know us better. Finally, hit on the social links below for additional information about me. Whichever route you choose, I hope you'll keep us in mind the next time you need assistance with a publishing project.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thomas O'Toole
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